Safer Youth Norway

Safer Youth is a nationwide youth organization working to create a safer society for young people through activism, national and international political influence, dissemination of knowledge and participation in public debate. The purpose will be achieved by working to prevent drug problems and other mental illness, prevent alienation and crime, promote solidarity with disadvantaged youth and facilitate a safe upbringing for everybody.
Our parent organization is the Association for Safer Drug Policies.

Our mission:

Strengthen today's prevention
We want Norway to implement a drug reform, in which responsibility and focus is shifted from justice to health following inspiration from Portugal, and in line with the recommendations of the UN and the World Health Organization. Following such a reform, the main responsibility for prevention should be transferred from the police to those with relevant professional expertise. In addition to information about potential harm from substance abuse, preventive work should also include training in harm prevention and risk-reducing drug use. Today, we teach youth that if they choose to drink alcohol, they should drink beer rather than booze and drink a glass of water between each unit. Similar knowledge is in short supply for the illicit drugs, which makes its use more dangerous than it needs to be.

Support, don't punish

Several studies show that there is no correlation between drug use among youth and the level of punishment in European countries. Why then do we impose punishment on users of illegal drugs in addition to social stigma when this makes the problems worse?

We believe, based on a number of scientific studies, that problematic drug use is the result of social and psychological problems, such as loneliness, childhood traumas and depression and anxiety disorders. Thus, we will prevent drug problems by preventing social and psychological problems in society.

Actions to achieve these goals can be:
-Reduce the level of penalties for drug offenses so that more people can receive community punishment, house arrests, or drug court.

- Eliminate penalties for the use and possession of illegal drugs for all users, in line with the recommendations of the Government Reform Committee set up by the government.

-Allow cannabis users over the age of 18 to have closed cannabis clubs where they can grow cannabis for their own use and bring out small quotas for themselves, rather than having to seek out cannabis on the illegal market. Cannabis clubs now exist in a number of countries such as Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.

-Implement a framework for non-profit organizations to offer analysis of drugs in Norway with the aim of monitoring and injury prevention.

-Open for Norwegian research on the use of psychedelics and MDMA in the treatment of mental disorders and drug addiction. Findings from several of the world's leading research communities suggest that such treatment may be more effective than current methods.

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